Think About It:

Imagine a lost dream wandering the streets of L.A., Detroit, Chicago, or New York City. Can you see their pain? Can you feel their tears? Or is it your own tears and pain that you see and feel?

There are many clues hidden on this wepsite, in the book, and on the back cover. Buy a copy of Living In My Father's Dream: Weep Me Not, a.k.a. The Tears of God, read it, search for clues, and then tell me who killed Richard Douglass "Doug" Jackson. Be careful, there are a lot of unproved, probable causes. Remember, they all told lies. Every last one of them. I dare you to enter the hood and tell me who killed Richard Jackson.

Did Shawn's father rise from his grave to kill Richard Jackson? Is it possible?

Did Shawn kill Richard Jackson? The detectives thinks he has motives. Most think he's a prime suspect.

Who do you think killed Richard Jackson.

The Suspects, and. . .

Their Motives

I think it was Antonio Shawn Perez, Jr. It's what he was assigned to do as the family's hitman.

No. It wasn't Shawn. The detectives already say he couldn't have done it. I bet it was Maria Perez-Hanes. Is she really insane? I bet she had no time to play with babydolls when she was growing up. I wouldn't put anything past her, because of that Mafia-blood in her.

No. It wasn't Maria. She really is mental. Most adults don't pamper babydolls. I think it was Anthony "Tony" Perez. I'm sure they found a Corojo at the crime scene, since he never lifted one to his lying lips.

No. It was none of the above. I'm sure it was Donny Perez. He has no alibi, and still wears cordurod slippers. Hummm.

No. I bet it was Grandma Clemons. She probable stole her own Collard Greens and blammed that on Richard as well. Heck, that woman couldn't see straight. I think she killed Richard Jackson for stealing her greens. I'm sure, she probably didn't know if that was really Hemp or Collard Greens in Richard's front yard, and went on a murder spree, instead of to the corner store for more greens. Here, tell, they had a special on Collard Greens that day.

Well, maybe it was Bobby Jackson. He's a tough street thug, and he rarely lifted his eyes to reveal his guilt.

It could have been China. Source has it, he was paid to do the job, and that money was never refunded to Shawn. Neither was that $1.29 for the soda he bought. Besides that, he's proficient with sign language.

Okay. Maybe it was Trey Davis. He has a bad temper, and he can't tolerate non-sense.

No. Tasha Jackson did it when she got off the phone. Evidence purely points to that brused face of hers. She has a good reason to apply The Rules of Revenge.

Well. Hell, I don't know. I think it was The Baby Doll. It looks guilty. It never touched that bowl of soup that was served to her. Why? It couldn't couldn't stomach that too. I would check for it's fingerprints at the crime scene.

That's crazy. How can a babydoll kill Richard Jackson? I'll find out. Where do I buy my copy of Living In My Father's Dream: Weep Me Not, a.k.a. The Tears of God. And when do I get my Official Weep Me Not Certification as a detective?

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