Q: Why is it that some of the links on this site does not work?

A: This website is under construction. Please bear with me.

Q: What if you really could free one child's mind from the mental bondages of hell? Would you?

A: Yes. I will. It has taken me a long time to realize that a child, especiall a male child, growing up in this world without a father or a mentor is at-risk of becoming just that. Wondering the streets with no goals in life, hanging with the wrong crowd, or locked up in prison.

Q: You being the author, don't you know who killed Richard Jackson?

A: No. My lips are not sealed. I do not know who killed Richard Jackson.

Q: Okay. Well. If I told you who killed Richard Jackson, would you believe me?

A: Yes. Especially if you are a witness to the crime. Did you see something that I didn't see? Tell me. You could be the winner of my 1936 Indian Head Nickle.

Q: You have a lot of instances in your book where two or more characters are in a flashback, or lost in memory. Is this necessary?

A: Yes. In life daydreaming is real. Especially through the eyes of a mother with an at-risk child. What do you think she's looking for when she peers through the window at the dark night? How many times do you think she weeps when her child cannot be seen? Her heart is bleeding. There is no smile on her face. No movement in her eyes. She's lost in memory. Wondering where her child is. Wondering if he/she is okay. Praying that God will keep her child safe. Yes. flashbacks in the book are necessary. In my opinion, fiction is real.

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